Triple nominated – Australia’s Top Wedding Photographer.

We are extra proud of this recognition! When Capture Magazine ran the hot list a few years back, I could not believe that receiving the distinct honour of being nominated in 2008, 2009 and 2010 for Australia’s Top Wedding Photographer.



Booking Lighthouse by Cyrus means you get Cyrus. Another strong pillar of our wedding guarantees.

I know… it’s an obvious statement for you and us. However too many times other wedding studios outsource to random photographers.

With over 700 weddings under his belt, experience counts. Quality is paramount.


Affordable & simple pricing. Pay only for what you want.

We get that for you the most important wedding is the one you’re currently planning. Your own.

Why package a deal and pay for stuff you would rather go without? That is why at Lighthouse your wedding is your collection, this means exactly what you need and want. Not sure about the options, that’s ok, after 700+ weddings we are here to listen and guide.


5 year price freeze

As if the affordable pricing (for an up marketing photographer anyways) wasn’t enough we just made the Lighthouse collection even better! By giving you total peace of mind with a price freeze wedding guarantee.

At the 1st meeting we give you a guarantee that our pricelist will be valid for 5 years AFTER your wedding date. No surprises later. GST is included too.


All this combined with our easy going, consultation, you’ll always feel in control.  Why is this so important? This is called customer service & it’s designed to make choosing what you want easy, when you want it. Want some prints on the 3rd Wedding Anniversary? No worries…sorted.


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$Every detail captured

We guide and organise the bridal party during prep and bridal coverage

in a minimal fashion, but just enough to be organised and effective.

We like to get natural and candid shots. It’s 100% about being stress-free, relaxed and having fun & the best time of your lives.

Remembering the fun and laughs from the night is key to great coverage.


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