#1 – affordable & simple pricing

Rather simple really…. & all from an affordable $1997. 

Imagine being able to create your own Wedding Photography Collection.

As one of Perth’s wedding photography specialist we get that for you the most important kind of wedding is the one you’re planning for yourself!

So, therefore, we proudly present to you a rather simple way to get what you prefer in your wedding photography collection. Check out our menu and have a little fun creating.

The Collection is $1997 and on offer is a bunch of free giveaways and premium add-ons.

We don’t do “packages”. Why pay for stuff you might not want?

Isn’t a personalised collection created by you for you better?

Swan Valley Wedding Photography

#2 – 5 year price freeze

As if the $1997 affordable wedding collection wasn’t enough we just made the Lighthouse collection even better! By giving you total peace of mind with a price freeze wedding guarantee.

At the 1st meeting we give you our affordable pricelist and one of the terms is there’s no hidden surprises or price hikes for 5 years AFTER your wedding date! 

Combined with zero pressure wedding consultation, you’ll always feel in control.  Why is this so important? This is called customer service & it’s designed to make choosing what you want easy, when you want it. Want some prints on the 3rd Wedding Anniversary? No worries…sorted.

#3  – triple nominated – Australia’s Top Wedding Photographer

We are extra proud of this recognition! When Capture Magazine ran the hot list a few years back. Cyrus had the distinct honour of being nominated in 2008, 2009 and 2010 for Australia’s Top Wedding Photographer.

#4 – book Lighthouse = get Cyrus exclusively

Booking Lighthouse by Cyrus means you get Cyrus. Another of our pillar wedding guarantee.

I know… it’s an obvious statement for you and us. However too many times other wedding studios outsource to random photographers.  

With over 400 weddings under his belt, experience counts. Quality is paramount.

#5 – your happiness = our ultimate wedding guarantee

Want to republish the DVD Photo Movie with extra images? Not an issue!

Need the wedding book design approved before publishing? Of course!

We always ask you to approve designs and you can always request a re-edit any time before publication.

We handover your treasured memories after your tick of approval. Our drive to excel means you are 100% happy with the capture, design and edit.

#6 – made in Australia

All image editing and book designs is created with love manually and locally in-house.

Our wedding books are hand-bound and printed in Australia.

Printing is done in-house and canvas artworks are made in Australia and even the wood is cut here.

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Wedding Specialist

Wedding Specialist

Flower Girl and Page Boy at a Wedding

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