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How To Find The Top Wedding Photographer

The Reputation of a Top Wedding Photographer

You’ll work with several professionals as you plan your wedding, and most of them will provide a tangible output that you can assess and approve prior to the big day. The same can’t be said for wedding photographers though. With the latter, all you have to go with is their reputation and portfolio. Where’s the authority & credibility proof? And how do you possibly find the top wedding photographer for your dreams and one that will fit into your budget?

Top Wedding Photographer

Authority & Credibility

This is why you should allow enough time for online research. This doesn’t only mean checking out available photographers per se but also researching photo styles, possible venues covered, dress codes, themes, Facebook reviews and so on. If you have an idea of what you want to achieve for your prenuptial and nuptial coverage, it’ll be easier for you to narrow down potential photographer options based on expertise.

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Styles of the Top Wedding Photographer

The first thing you have to do is choose a style. There are several worthy of your consideration. Here are popular options to check out:

What style will your top wedding photographer have?

This is the more traditional approach to wedding coverage. Here, you’ll have the classic, staged photos with family and friends.

  • Bold

If you’re in for something edgier, then this style is for you. You’ll encounter everything from uniquely angled shots to unconventional compositions and framing.

Go for this style if you’re interested in something more candid. Photos may include a scene of the guests at the bar, the family erupting in laughter, you and your groom having a wedding cake fight, and the like.

  • Artsy

This is a version of the documentary-style approach but your photographer has more creative freedom in styling some of the snaps.

Should you want to combine multiple styles, simply ask your photographer. You’d be happy to know that most of them are quite versatile and may be able to accommodate your request.


Check out photographer portfolios and profiles, too. Most of them have websites so this shouldn’t be much of a hassle. If you can find reviews or ask for referrals then that would be a whole lot better. Start with a list of 10 and then narrow it down as you find more information.

It’ll also be a good idea to set up appointments with your top wedding photographer shortlist so that you can conduct a face-to-face interview. It’s always a smart move to get to know people you’ll be working with so that you can figure out if they’ll be a proper match given what you’re looking for. See if they understand your vision.

No Do-Overs!

And of course, check out the albums that they’ve produced. A top wedding photographer will usually have printed and digital copies of these in their studio. Take a look at how they compose their photos or if they’re able to capture special moments. Keep in mind that there are no do-overs so having this skill is definitely a plus.

Do some comparison shopping as well but be reasonable when it comes to prices. Unless you’ve figured out exactly what you want, the photographer can’t give you an estimate. Ask for help if needed. Usually, they’ll provide you packages to choose from.

And when it comes to the contract, make sure you read and reread everything. Know your rights, timelines, and the like before signing on the dotted line.

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Styles of the Top Wedding Photographer

Thanks Cyrus!

There are too many that I like! 

Can’t wait to see you again for the baby photos! We had so much fun the other day, and I was so surprised you had them on facebook the next day. Excellent job. See you again soon. cheers Rose

We have just browsed through your website with our photo’s on it & have received the proof book & DVD……they look awesome!!!! You must be so proud of your work because we are speechless….

the photo’s have exceeded our expectations.

 love the photos! We were quite nervous about looking at them cos neither of us are very photogenic, but we are very pleasantly surprised! You’ve done an awesome job…

we are very happy 🙂

Tim & I can’t thank you enough Cyrus, our pre wedding photos were amazing and you were so awesome on the wedding day, you made both of us feel very comfortable especially Tim who you know hates having his photo taken but you did such a excellent job, it was such a pleasure having you with us sharing and capturing our special day. Can’t wait to see the final edit!!!! 😀 Thanks again

Hey Cyrus,

How are you? Just thought I would let you know we received the dvd’s they are so perfect, I can’t thank you enough for the excellent job you have done capturing our wedding day.

Thanks again, talk soon.

Trish & Tim Read

Hi Cyrus 

We love our photos so much thank you. You captured the day so well. thank you does not seem enough.

thanks, Amy

Dear Cyrus,

Thank you so much for the beautiful photos that have captured the most memorable day of our lives. You really know how to capture a wide range of emotions, from the tender and loving moments to the fun and vibrant moments.

We will treasure your photos always.

Kind Regards, Mel and Mike

Hi Cyrus,

The photos turned out so so beautifully! You have really outdone yourself. I really love them and I cannot wait to get home to show Faron now.

Thank you for doing such a fantastic job!

Your photos are just fantastic!

Love them, love them!

Great to meet you and work with you – Josie always says great things.

Ann Lord, marriage celebrant (www.annlord.com.au)

Thanks Cyrus!

The photos are really great. We are very happy with all of them. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job! Kim & Chris

Wonderful – thank you! Fantastic work.

Really enjoyed viewing those pics – particularly the ones of our FJs of course! Warm Regards

Jennifer (& Michael) Monaghan

Australia’s Own FJ Holden

Limousine and Sedans

Ph: 08)97972441 or 0438681886


Hey Cyrus, they are awesome I love them all. Thank you so much it was a fun afternoon.

Trish & Tim

We received the proof book and DVDs. 

Thanks very much, everything looks amazing. Many thanks, Hajarr

Thank you so much for our pre-wedding shoot we had such a good time and the photos have turned out great! Thanks, Martina

That’s great, thank you soooooo much Cyrus!!!!! 

So many ppl have commented already about the photos. You’ve done an awesome job. 

Kind Regards, Sarah Pritchard.

Thank you so much Cyrus!! The photo’s are wonderful, they really portray every emotion felt on the day and I will be forever looking back on them. Thanks you, Cilla

Thank you sooooo much we so love all the photos u are so talented thanks, Amy and Steven.