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Windy Wedding

Written by Lorraine

I love a windy wedding.

Why is a windy wedding better?

Maybe it’s because I grew up near the ocean and the air constantly moved; literally, from gentle breeze to hurricane.

Photographs, in which the wind is blowing, seem to bring the photos to life…more of a still video, if you will.

I know, it sounds like an oxymoron…but look at the pictures I have chosen.

The Windy Wedding….

Movement & Flow 

although the landscape and the subjects are still, there is motion.

Numerous photos are taken at remote locations, quite a few at the beach, however, when it comes to choosing, it seems the most popular pics are those with the characters smiling at the camera, hair and clothing lying flat.

These examples show the skill of a photographer to work with nature, to connect his camera to the moment…and yes…to save that still video, forever.

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