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Jacinta and Ben’s Engagement Session

Written by Lorraine

It is fascinating how in particular the engagement session photos can capture the sparks and excitement of young blossoming love.

In this particular session you can feel and almost touch the love and chemistry between soon to be husband and wife- Jacinta and Ben.

Below we look at some of the best poses for their engagement session (prewedding).

Black and white Engagement Session

There is something about black and a white photo that makes an engagement session a little more unique.

We captured these two love birds in a black and white portrait with a simple background. This photo is ageless.

Single portraits

Single Portraits are also critical for the complete engagement session.

We had separate single shots of a smiling Jacinta and Ben.

These photos capture their individuality and they are pieces they can cherish for a long time, to be cherished even by their kid’s kids!

We also played around with single portraits on blank backgrounds.

Sitting by the roadside

In this engagement session photograph we have the couple sitting by the roadside with impeccable sunrays in the background.

It’s a beautiful shot that not only captures the couple’s chemistry but also the beauty of nature at the same time.

Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Between the trees

We got playful with nature by having a shot Jacinta and Ben pose between trees. It’s a unique shot that is sweet and celebrates nature too.

Walk in the park

This is a really romantic shot of Jacinta and Ben in the park. It’s a casual, more relaxed shot that celebrates young love.

Embracing the engagement session

This is a lovely shot of the two love birds holding each other. We have Ben holding Jacinta from behind as they smile at the camera. In another engagement session image we have them kissing slightly in a long shot.

Bench shot

We brought a unique twist to the bench shot. Capturing the couple from behind getting a candid genuine moment as they laugh and look lovingly at each other. What’s more romantic?

Lying on the ground

Another romantic shot is this one. Having the couple lying on the ground laughing and looking at each other is just magical and romantic in a cute way.

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