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Candid vs Traditional

Written by Lorraine

Candid vs Traditional

Chances are, as a modern consumer of wedding images, you’ve seen many examples of what wedding photography SHOULD look like. The main question is Candid vs Traditional. Have times changed? Are we sure about what this should ABSOLUTELY NOT end up in a couple’s wedding album?

We exist in an exciting time for creativity in photography.  That being said, remember that so-called ‘traditional’ photography still has a place in many clients’ hearts.

The ‘Candid’ Approach:

Intimate.  Personal.  Compelling.  Or downright wacky.

This approach is meant to capture the essence of what this couple means to one another.  Perhaps they are rabid football fans who cheer for opposing teams…CAPTURE IT!  One couple I worked with wanted their pictures done on a baseball diamond, with the groomsmen and bridesmaids facing off against one another in a quick game.  Get these fun moments on film!  If the bride is an avid gardener, photograph her among her flowers, or a nearby scenic garden!  A good rule of thumb is that if the couple mentions a specific interest to you, or it is incorporated into their ceremony, elaborate on it.  If the happy couple decides to ride off on a motorcycle after their ceremony, chances are they will want more than a few pictures of themselves on their bike.  Find out during your interview process what interests them!

Always listen to your couple’s desires when it comes to taking their once-in-a-lifetime pictures!

Candid vs Traditional

A ‘Traditional’ Approach:

Weddings are nothing if not steeped heavily in tradition.  For this reason, for most shoots you’ll end up doing quite a few classic poses and themes.  The First Kiss.  The Wedding Party.  Family Portraits.  These are an incredibly vital part of any wedding and cannot be discounted.  Traditional photography can feel boring or even staged at times, but there’s a reason it’s a tradition: because it works!

Always pay homage to the tried and true!

A truly great wedding photographer incorporates both of these aspects into their pictures seamlessly.  Mix the fun themes that define your couple with the elements that make up the ceremony.  Think outside the box.  Find ways to pull beautiful scenery into static poses.  Change shooting angles to capture the unexpected.  Develop your individual style as a professional and showcase it to the best of your abilities.

Lastly, if you aren’t having fun, you are in the wrong business!  Photography is a passion, so much more than just pointing a camera and taking a picture.  So, as always, have fun and keep snapping!

Candid vs Traditional

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